Thor’s New Mjolnir Has A Haunting Power He Doesn’t Want

Thor wonders why Odin isn’t moving, but is shocked when his father tells him he can’t. Odin reveals that he tried to cross Valhalla but found that something had broken the gates and the realm was empty. Odin tells Thor that he is inside Mjolnir because he had nowhere to go, since Valhalla as they know it is gone.

Given his complicated relationship with his father and the fact that he just attended Odin’s funeral, Thor’s frustration that his soul still haunts him after his death is understandable. The God of Thunder can’t try to get out of the tragedy, because Odin somehow exists within Mjolnir, giving Thor a power he never asked for. Thor will have to get used to Odin’s soul inside his hammer, as the pair are about to find out what broke the gates of Valhalla in order to return the old man’s soul. Father of God once and for all. Thor Marvel Comics #24 is in comic shops now.

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