Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: The Best Frost Damage Build

While not the typical class combination players might expect, the best multiclass option for Frost Damage is Brr-Zerker and Spellshot. The Spellshot class in The Wonders of Tiny Tina has two Action Skills also called Polymorphic and Ambi-Hextrous. Ambi-Hextrous simply allows the user to equip two spells, with the second one taking the place of the action skill. Polymorph allows players to turn most enemies, except bosses, into “sleepers”, which fly around aimlessly for a limited time. All Fatemakers that shoot the Skeep have a chance to cast a free spell that is equipped to their slot. Enemies immune to polymorph will be spelled out instead. Additionally, casting a Polymorph spell grants one stack of Spellweave, and Spellshot will gain two stacks for casting Polymorph on an immune enemy.

Spellweave is Spellshot’s class feat, which increases spell damage each time a spell is cast or a weapon is reloaded. When combined with the Brr-Zerker class exploit in The Wonders of Tiny Tina, called Rage of the Ancients, players have the ability to quickly stack their weapon, spell, and frost damage at the same time. Rage of the Ancients infuriates Fatemakers whenever the action skill adds frost damage or bonus frost damage to attacks from any source. Rage of the Ancients’ duration will not expire while an action skill is active, which is especially lucrative if the action skill is polymorphed.

Players looking to create the best built-in frost damage The Wonders of Tiny Tina you should consider using Brr-Zerker as your primary class with Spellshot as your secondary, selecting Polymorph as your action ability. Regardless of the action skill selected for any multiclass option in The Wonders of Tiny Tina, both class feats will still be accessible. Turning an enemy into a Skeep will instantly trigger Rage of the Ancients and they will instantly start stacking Frost damage and weapon damage. Fatemakers can deal with the correct abilities selected for that multiclass.

Best Skills for a Wonderland Freeze Damage Build

Invest in these skill points for the Brr-Zerker tree:

  • 5 Ancient Frost – Increases freeze damage.
  • 5 savagery – Enrage melee damage and duration increased.
  • 3 adamant – A percentage of missing health regenerates over time, and the rate doubles while enraged.
  • 2 old ways – The Fatemaker deals additional damage and its damage reduction increases the closer it gets to an enemy’s location in The Wonders of Tiny Tina.
  • 3 icebreakers – Fatemaker increases the damage dealt to enemies that are slowed, with the damage increasing the closer they are to being frozen.
  • 3 cold snap – Freeze move speed and effectiveness are increased and effects are doubled while enraged.
  • 3 Blood Frenzy – On each kill, restore a percentage of the Enrage timer and a percentage of maximum health.
  • 1 rapid cooling – Whenever melee damage is dealt, there is a chance to unleash a Frost Nova to deal area of ​​effect damage.
  • 1 blood of the dead – With each kill, Fatemaker’s action skill’s remaining cooldown is reduced by a percentage. If the action skill is currently active, its duration is extended.

Invest in these skill points for the Spellshot class tree at The Wonders of Tiny Tina:

  • 5 sniper – Increases your critical hit chance with a spell.
  • 3 magic bullets – A portion of all bonuses Fatemaker receives from spell damage is applied to her weapons.
  • 1 Sleight of hand – Get faster reload speed
  • 5 Mana Source – Get increased spell cooldown rates and action cooldowns.
  • 1 mage armor – A portion of protection is restored for each stack of Spellweaving.
  • 1 high thread count – Increases the maximum number of Spellweave stacks.
  • 2 Imbued Weapon – Each time the Fatemaker casts a spell, their weapon deals bonus damage to that spell’s element for a short time. This effect stacks once per spell.

Best Weapons, Spells, and Enchantments for a Wonderland Freeze Damage Build

In order to create the best built-in freeze damage The Wonders of Tiny Tina, players will need to make the most of weapons, spells, and enchantments that deal the same type of damage or additional buffs. Weapon enchantments and spells in The Wonders of Tiny Tina they come in a variety of effects, including increased damage with Frost, Spell Skill, Action Skill, elemental sources, and more. The percentages and types of effects will differ depending on the roll, but since each one is randomly generated, it’s best to find one that has synergy with the overall build. An example would be an enchantment that increases spell damage by 40% for 10 seconds after the action skill begins.

For weapons specifically, an SMG or a rifle that deals frost damage and has a cast effect are two great weapon options. They can also be used to deal less damage to the changeling, giving fate a chance to increase the number of free spells cast. Also, a Frost shotgun works well with this build. The Wonders of Tiny Tina due to how melee damage is increased for frozen enemies, as well as how damage is reduced and increased when close to enemies. The ultimate weapon may be a preference, but a frost gun that, when cast, can spawn a three-headed hydra that deals extra frost damage is a big help.

Finally, due to the increased spell and frost damage in this version, players should look for a Frosting Blazing Calamity spell, which summons a meteor that explodes into small icy meteors on impact. Shooting the Skeep will also spawn more meteors, and since the action skill can be extended on a kill, Fates will have more chances to cast more free Frosting Blazing Calamity spells. In combination with good luck and firearms in The Wonders of Tiny TinaThis frost damage build will give Fatemakers the ability to nearly freeze all enemies in place, making it easier to farm bosses and take out more. chaos chamber levels

The Wonders of Tiny Tina is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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