Tokyo Vice: The 10 Most Likable Characters, Ranked

Tozawa has always been portrayed as the big bad of the series. As the leader of the rival Yakuza gang, the way he invades Chihara-Kai territory through unethical means has been pointed out more than once, sometimes by Ishida himself.

He has no problem mistreating his many associates like Misaki, or pressuring corrupt cops to do him more favors like he does Miyamoto. His secret illness doesn’t make him more understanding, as he only encouraged him to be more reckless. With all that in mind, he’s the least likeable character on the show – his lack of redeeming qualities probably won’t change anytime soon.

9 jin miyamoto

Even before fans found out about Miyamoto’s deal with Tozawa, he was already an annoying character. The dirty cop would exploit reporters like Jake and Maruyama, promising them exclusive scoops if they paid for their dinner.

Now that viewers know that he’s also betraying the entire police department and undermining their efforts by working with Tozawa, it’s even easier to dislike him. He may not be responsible for bringing drugs into the country, but he makes it possible by turning a blind eye to the rival gang’s activities in Tokyo.

8 sato

Sato is a villain turned friend who has been shown to have a kinder and more compassionate side when not following Yakuza’s orders. His budding romance with Samantha and his odd friendship with Jake have certainly made it easier for him to appreciate him, but his questionable actions keep him from being fully trusted.

Over the course of the series, Sato has slowly but surely become a more violent person. Ever since that night he saved Ishida’s life, Chief Chihara-Kai has relied on him to threaten civilians and recruit unsuspecting children. The way his confrontation with Sam’s investigator ends in bloodshed speaks volumes about the kind of person he’s becoming.

7 Polina

Polina has always played the role of Samantha’s funny best friend throughout the series, often comforting her and making sure she’s okay when she doesn’t show up at the club. It’s surprising that she has her own story so close to the end, and fans can only hope that she has a proper ending.

Since Pol is mostly in the background, it’s hard to feel invested in his story. That said, she didn’t do anything that she could do that the viewers didn’t like. Fans may recall that she even cheered for Jake after Samantha upstaged him at one point. Audiences can only hope that she returns to Tokyo alive and well, but they probably wouldn’t be too disappointed if Sam never heard from her again.

6 Hitoshi Ishida

As the temporary leader of Chihara-Kai, Ishida must make many difficult decisions, many of which involve violence and bloodshed. Crime comes with the land, and Ishida is no stranger to using force to get what he wants.

That said, he has been described as the most strategic and intelligent Yakuza boss in the series. Unlike Tozawa, Ishida sticks to the traditional way of doing things, which mostly means that he doesn’t get involved in selling and distributing drugs to expand his gang. He is also shown to be more willing to help characters like Jake and Sato, which makes him easier to like.

5 jake adelstein

The limited series may follow Jake’s story as a reporter in Japan, but that doesn’t make him the most compelling character. In fact, Jake did a lot of questionable things, like blatantly ignoring his family despite his sister’s situation, being rude to Sam at one point, and of course trusting Miyamoto and botching an entire investigation into the drug smuggling operation. Tozawa drugs.

He is a flawed protagonist who can be too impatient and disrespectful in the foreign land. That said, he does seem to learn from his mistakes and they are often made with good intentions. Since the audience experiences most of the show’s events through his eyes, it’s impossible not to want to see him succeed.

4 Trend and pewter pewter

Trendy and Tin Tin may just be the stereotypical supporting characters, but they help Jake survive in the newspaper industry, which is harder than he first thought. They are always there to applaud his successes and drown their sorrows with drinks after his failures.

They seem to willingly drop whatever they’re doing at work to help Jake investigate a new lead or encourage him to submit his articles. The comedy duo may not add much to the story, but they definitely proved likable by being Jake’s trusted friends.

3 samantha goalkeeper

Initially she may be portrayed as a hardened character who has taken control of her own life, but fans now know there is more to Samantha than meets the eye. Her heartbreaking history with her family probably makes most fans want to cheer for her success in Japan, because she’s just trying to create a prosperous life for herself.

That said, Sato brings up some thought-provoking points during a heated argument they have after risking his position in the gang to find out where Polina went. He doesn’t hesitate to use other people like Sato to get what he wants, but then walks away from the repercussions. There’s also the fact that she wants to start her own club, which is an admirable venture in the male-dominated field, but questionable (as Sato points out) since it will exploit other women in the same way she does. current boss

two Emi Maruyama

Maruyama is a tough journalist who isn’t afraid to write about important (but controversial) events happening in Tokyo. Although she looks like what Jake is trying to do, she Maruyama does it differently because she is smart about it.

She strategically uses her connections to gain important information for her stories, though it often puts her in an awkward position with the male cops. Her recent story of how women are killed because her complaints are ignored underscores how hard she fights for women’s rights, which is doubly difficult considering she’s in a male-dominated industry. . She may have been intimidating and even a little mean at first, but fans now know that she is a necessary front that she uses to show that she is strong and capable in the office.

one Hiroto Katagiri

From the moment fans meet Katagiri, it’s obvious there’s something unique about him. He’s not just another cop who’s willing to ignore Yakuza violence, as he bravely investigates violent gang-related crimes in the city. Plus, he’s smart enough to see the big picture, which he tries to show stubborn Jake.

His friendship with Jake allowed viewers to learn more about the friendly officer. He puts his life in danger and acts as a mediator between the two rival gangs, all to keep the peace. His actions become even more admirable when viewers learn that he has a family, as he probably understands the risks of doing good in the organized crime division, but doing it anyway for the future of the son. of the.

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