Tom Bergeron Seemingly Reveals He Won’t Return To DWTS In Cryptic Tweet

Tom Bergeron appears to have revealed that he may never return as host of dancing with the stars. He hosted the hit dance competition for the first 28 seasons that aired on ABC and was one of the reasons fans loved the show. However, he and his co-host Erin Andrews were fired from the show and replaced by model and television personality Tyra Banks. So far, Tyra has hosted the show for two seasons, but there have been many complaints about her hosting style. The 48-year-old businesswoman became a host thanks to the influence of Andrew Llinares, who resigned as producer after season 30.

Since the airing of the last season of ABC Dance Competition, there have been many developments. Aside from the news that the show is moving to Disney+ in the future, there has been a lot of speculation about other arrangements. For example, reports have indicated that Tyra could be replaced as the show’s host before season 31. If these reports are accurate, fans might wonder if the streaming service would bring back Tom Bergeron as part of the new demographic.

However, while fans would love to see Tom return to the show, his absence may be irreversible. The 66-year-old game show host recently took to Twitter to share a post that speculated about his return. Thomas written in your caption, “Recommended Reading: Selected Novels of Thomas Wolfe”. Thomas was an early 20th century American novelist who had several works about a character who had left his family life in a small town. Although he sometimes thought about going back, he discovered that he had dreams in other places and could not return home.

The books in question include you can’t go home anymore, look home angel Y The web and the rock. While Tom’s return is unlikely, one thing is certain: the TV host has moved on to a new passion in his career. In November 2021, Tom discussed the game show relaunch. Tic-Tac Mass and said they were waiting to get the official green light from NBC. She has already filmed a few episodes of the game show.

pick up tom dancing with the stars will delight many fans of the series. It will also help you reach a different demographic of subscribers, which is one of the reasons for moving it to Disney+. However, Tom’s recent tweet may mean that he is not interested in taking over the host duties of the dance show. It’s unclear who the next host will be, with reports indicating that Tyra will step down. In the meantime, fans can only hope for the best with all the uncertainties surrounding the return of his favorite show.

Source: Thomas Bergeron/Twitter

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