Tom Holland meets Nolan North in this exclusive Uncharted behind-the-scenes clip

People had a lot of praise for Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in the Unexplored movie, but the actor still wants fans to know where he came from. In a new behind-the-scenes clip, Holland reveals how much inspiration Drake’s video game voice actor Nolan North inspired him, and what it was like meeting him on set.

According to Holland, meeting North was a big moment for him, in no small part because Holland is a huge gaming fan. Holland says that he wanted to capture the spirit of North’s Nathan Drake, without making an impression of his iconic voice. Holland wanted to stay true to the games, he says, while making his version of Nate unique. And North, for his part, thinks he pulled it off.

“Choosing Tom, I think, is great. He has that charm,” North says in the behind-the-scenes clip. “He has the same enthusiasm as an actor that Drake has in the adventure. It’s a good good recipe.

North was on set for more than just her Unexplored experience though. The voice actor also filmed a cameo for the film that director Rueben Fleischer described as a “passage [of] the torch,” during an interview with Polygon.

This clip is one of the feature films included in UnexploredThe Blu-ray version of, is scheduled for release on May 10. The film is also available on digital platforms starting April 26.

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