Top Gun 2 Star Reveals Which Scene Made Him Think He Was Going To Die

Thankfully, Teller survived the training and can now rest easy knowing he’s got a hit film on his hands. Ever since it was first announced that production was underway on a Top Gun sequel, fans had high hopes for the degree of intensity that the new film would offer. A lot has changed in both the world and Cruise’s career since the first Top Gun was released. And although the first film had its fair share of stunts, Cruise had yet to establish himself as the daredevil that he’s widely known as today. As a result, it was clear early on that any Top Gun sequel that saw Cruise reprise his role as Maverick would also be filled with white-knuckle levels of adrenaline and action.

It’s previously been revealed that some actors turned down roles in Top Gun: Maverick due to the intensity of its training schedule. It already looks as if going that extra mile to familiarise the actors with the airplanes has paid off. That might be easy to say now, but for those like Teller who felt he’d officially taken on his final role, training sounds extremely challenging and downright terrifying.

Source: LADbible

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