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Tuxedo Matchbox Craft – Father’s Day Craft for Kids

Whether it’s a special message or a small gift, with this Tuxedo Matchbox Craft tutorial, you’ll learn how to create the most adorable little gift box ever. While we’re dressing up this matchbox with a tuxedo, this is definitely a great project to do for Father’s Day.

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Handmade matchbox tuxedo idea for Father's Day.  This can be used as a DIY Father's Day card or as a small gift box.

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What will your matchbox contain? Will it be a special message written or drawn on the folded paper? Or are you going to give a mini gift? We think sweets work great, as well as small toys or accessories.

There are many ways to decorate a matchbox (and if you don’t have any, you can buy empty ones just for crafting), but as Father’s Day approaches, we decided to decorate ours like a little tuxedo, and oh my! Own! turned out to be a nice one.

Let’s make one (or a dozen).

tuxedo matchbox craft for kids

How to Make Tuxedo Matchbox Crafts

What do you need:

  • a box of matches (real or an empty matchbox like the ones you can buy online)
  • black paper
  • white paper (or, if you like, white paint if you’re working with unbranded store-bought matchboxes)
  • red paper
  • buttons
  • glue
  • scissors

step by step instructions

Draw an outline of the matchbox on white paper. You can trace with a pencil.

Cut out the rectangular shape described.

Stick it on the matchbox.

You can also paint the matchbox white.

Moving on to black paper: You need a long strip as wide as the length of the matchbox.

Cut out the black strip.

Apply glue to one end and place the matchbox on the strip of paper (the side without the white paper that touches the glue).

Wrap the paper around the matchbox to make the “edges.”

Look at the part of the paper strip that will cover the larger surface of the matchbox (the part with the white paper) and cut a slit in the middle of the surface of the paper strip that will cover it (see photo below). continuation). below). below).

Fold the corners of the paper (next to the slit) diagonally to get the neck shape.

“Unwrap” the strip of paper and apply glue to it.

Wrap it around the box and cut off the excess paper.

Take two small buttons (or cut paper into small circles, or use a hole punch) and glue them to the matchbox.

Cut a small bow from the red paper and glue it to the matchbox.

If you are going to include a message in the box, you will need a strip of white (or other) paper that is long enough (we made ours the full length of the paper) and a little thinner than the length of the box. matches.

surprise accordion

Use the ruler to quickly make the strip of paper.

Cut out the strip of paper.

Fold it (measure it against the box, so the folds are smaller than the matchbox, so the paper fits snugly on the tuxedo matchbox).

Apply glue to one of the end folds.

Put it in the tuxedo matchbox.

Write or draw your message (or use stickers).

And fold it in the matchbox.

Close the matchbox and offer it.

Tuxedo Matchbox Craft Idea

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