Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent Confirms The Truth Of Nic Cage Memes

The unbearable weight of massive talent it also confirms that Cage can control the narrative behind the memes and how it is perceived in his movies. In a recent interview, Cage said: “There was an element of that in it. I think it was a way of embracing what had happened to me,“although he confesses”the fascination… with my face or the facial expressions that occur in these memesgets lost in it (via GQ). In The unbearable weight of massive talentCage expresses his bewilderment when Javi shows him his Nick Cage mini-museum, which contains a sequined cushion of the actor’s face, a wax statue of his character in Confrontationcomplete with two gold pistols, and his sidearm Mandy. These little nods and other references to the Nic Cage movies just go to show that Cage is welcome in all iterations of his on-screen character, often absurd.

Although Cage refused to star The unbearable weight of massive talent on several occasions he was the only actor who could authentically play the fictional version of himself. It doesn’t look like the wealth of Cage-centric memes will stop anytime soon, judging by Cage’s upcoming turn as Dracula in Renfield. For the time being, The unbearable weight of massive talent attests to his legacy and enduring popularity with the public, including outrageous memes.

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