Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves PC Release Date Leaked By Epic Games

As Sony continues to shift its development resources to the PS5 and other upcoming titles for potential PC ports, lingering questions remain as to whether or not the many other prolific titles from the previous generation of consoles will see new audiences on PC. titles like bloodborne, marvel spider manY ghosts of tsushima they’re just a few of the many on the list of PS4 exclusives that aren’t out on PC yet despite rumors having been swirling about them for some time.

While Sony has been outspoken about its commitment to bringing more PlayStation titles to PC, it’s not yet clear how much of that it will focus on its existing library compared to its upcoming titles. Given recent background, it seems that updating PS4 exclusives isn’t necessarily a high priority given how scattered some of these releases are. However, it could also mean that Sony wants to take its time updating its PS4 classics so that the company can continue to deliver quality re-releases of titles for years to come that already have a sizable fan base. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves It received critical acclaim on PS5, and it’s set to impress even more as new audiences discover the collection of games when it launches on PC.

Source: Epic Games

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