Understanding Cerulean and How It Is Made

Cool cerulean and shades of green create a comforting color palette.

Described as sky blue, cerulean represents many shades of sky blue, sometimes with a hint of green. —Colors and Color Meanings desktop publishing by Jacci Howard Bear

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In 1999, Pantone named pale cerulean the color of the new millennium. The company described it as “the color of the sky on a clear, serene day” and by the turn of the century considered it an excellent choice for designers producing work in our stressful, high-tech age. . . The color blue is a global favorite with mass appeal. The calm and unisex color can be used for almost any product.

Colors identified as the cerulean blue range include the medium blue pigment cerulean blue, the bright cerulean color of Crayola crayons, and the sky blue Pantone color called cerulean. Light and medium shades of blue or turquoise with some green are considered cerulean.

The meaning of the color cerulean.

Cerulean blue is a calming and calming color that evokes feelings of peace and trust. Some of the mixed attributes of light shades of turquoise can be attributed to cerulean, including femininity and an association with the American Southwest. Use cerulean blue when you want to symbolize a clear blue sky.

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Using cerulean color in design files

Cerulean is a cool color symbol. If your design is too cool, too soothing, warm things up by using a warm color like red or orange as an accent. Combine cerulean and sky blue hues with grassy green undertones for a soothing palette that invokes nature.

When selecting colors for a design project that will be printed with ink on paper, use CMYK versions of cerulean in your page layout software or choose a Pantone spot color. If you’re working on a design that will be seen on a computer screen, use RGB color percentages. Use hex codes when working with HTML, CSS, and SVG. A selection of cerulean colors includes:

  • Cerulean (Pantone Color of the Century): Hex #98b4d4 | RGB 152 180 212 | CMYK28,15,0,17
  • Cerulean Blue Pantone: Hex #9bc4e2 | RGB 155 196 226 | CMYK31,13,0,11
  • Crayola Cerulean | Hex #1dacd6 | RGB 29 172 214 | CMYK86,20,0,16
  • cerulean blue | Hex #2a52be | RGB 42,82,190 | CMYK
  • sky blue | Hex #87ceeb | RGB 135 206 235 | CMYK43,12,0,8
  • Clear blue sky | Hexadecimal #87cepha | RGB 135 206 250 | CMYK24,18,0,2

Choose Pantone colors closest to cerulean

Sometimes a solid color ink, rather than a mix of CMYK, is a cheaper option when working with designs that will be printed on paper. The Pantone Matching System is the most recognized spot color system among commercial printers. Here are the best Pantone color matches to the cerulean colors listed in this article.

  • Cerulean (Pantone Color of the Century): Pantone Solid Coated 651 C
  • Cerulean Blue Pantone: Pantone Solid Coated 543 C
  • Crayola Cerulean: Solid Pantone Coated 298 C
  • Cerulean Blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2368 C
  • Sky Blue: Pantone Solid Coated 2905 C
  • Light Sky Blue: Pantone Solid Coated 291 C

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