V Rising: How to Find (& Defeat) The Ravager

Finding Goreswine without the altar can be done by searching the Infested Graveyard in the Farbane Woods area of V Rising. Although he can also be found near the Bandit Logging Camp, its first location is the most common, which is why players should look there first. If players are having trouble locating them, then it may be better for them to build and use the Blood Altar, as it will accurately provide them with its location. Defeating the Ravager will reward players with the Corpse Explosion and Bone Curtain powers, as well as the Tomb, Summon Skeleton, and Ghoul recipes.

Goreswine the Ravager is a level 27 boss in V Rising and will require players to be suitably equipped to be dealt with. Stockpiling potions before the fight is a good first step as it will allow players to last as long as possible. Most of Goreswine’s attacks are big area-of-effect attacks around him that cause poison. Defeating it will require players to avoid these attacks and the green poison puddles they create. Players should rely on ranged attacks such as a crossbow to damage Goreswine while these poison puddles are active and go in for melee attacks when they fade.

V Rising is available on PC.

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