Val Kilmer’s Madmartigan Will Be A Part Of Disney+’s Willow Show

This year has been something of a renaissance for Kilmer, who has been generally out of the spotlight after a medical procedure on his trachea caused him to mostly lose his voice. However, he made a huge splash this weekend with his involvement in the much-delayed sequel Top Gun: Maverick. The actor reprised his character Iceman from the original 1986 hit, a hotshot pilot who frequently had friction with Tom Cruise’s Maverick.

Hopefully, considering his apparent participation in Willow season 1, the stage has been set for a Madmartigan return. Should the series be renewed for season 2, there is certainly a possibility that the schedules and restrictions could line up properly to have him appear. Although there will be necessary limitations to how much Kilmer could participate in the fantasy series, it would give audiences the chance to see the return of an iconic character.

Source: THR

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