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Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets – Halloween Crafts for Kids

Let’s make a set of fangtastic vampire wooden spoon puppets to put on a scary puppet show.

This is s cute little Halloween craft project for kids of all ages – from preschool, through kindergarten and to older kids – everyone likes to put up a show.Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets

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Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets

What you need:

  • wooden spoons
  • wiggle eyes stickers
  • purple paint
  • black paint
  • white puffy paint
  • black fabric
  • red fabric or ribbon
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • glue
  • black marker


Paint the wooden spoon purple (or any other color fit for a vampire). Let the paint dry.


Once the paint is dry, paint (or draw with a black permanent marker) the hair and mouth line.


Stick on two wiggle eye stickers (or draw the eyes). Draw the fangs with white puffy paint (this paint gives the fangs dimension).


Let it all dry. While the paint dries, cut a rectangle out of black fabric and a long thin strip of red fabric. You will wrap this around the vampire’s “neck” – you can add a dab of glue on that spot. Wrap the black fabric and tie it with the red fabric strip (make a nice little bow). You can secure it all with some glue. Your little campire wooden spoon puppets just got their fancy capes.


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Wooden Spoon Vampire Craft

Wooden Spoon Vampire Craft for Kids

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