Vegeta is Secretly Ashamed of His Most Epic Dragon Ball Z Moment

It is later discovered that 17 didn’t actually die when he self-detonated, but at the time it appeared as though he was gone–effectively copying Vegeta’s epic sacrifice play from Dragon Ball Z. While the situations were similar, Vegeta was not understanding and even became angry with 17’s actions. One would think that Vegeta of all people would understand that in order to beat a powerful villain, sometimes a self-sacrifice is called for. However, it seems as though Vegeta was perhaps too aware of 17’s situation, which is why he was angered by the pointlessness of it. As far as Vegeta was concerned, 17’s death meant their team was down a fighter for no reason at all–the same outcome that came from his own sacrifice while fighting Buu.

It seems like Vegeta’s visceral reaction to 17’s sacrifice came from a place of shame and regret. If he hadn’t sacrificed himself while fighting Buu, he may have been around long enough to help fight him alongside Goku and the other Z Fighters. Though because he self-detonated, he was out of the fight and Buu barely had a scratch on him, which only added to the pointlessness of his sacrifice. Seeing someone else make the same mistake he did angered Vegeta and revealed that he is secretly ashamed of his most epic Dragon Ball Z moment.

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