What If Raimi’s Spider-Man Movies Had Credits Scenes? What They Would Be

Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie is a tightly-focused origin story for the web-slinger, providing the most faithful adaptation of what is arguably the most important Spider-Man comic story of all time as well as featuring a comic-accurate depiction of Spider-Man’s greatest enemy: the Green Goblin. While the film’s plot and dialogue would probably remain mostly unchanged, a greater MCU easter egg might exist in the form of an Incredible Hulk reference, with General Slocum’s unnamed predecessor (who supported Norman Osborn and Oscorp Technologies) perhaps being General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Spider-Man’s clearest sequel tease occurred at the end of the film, where Harry Osborn swears that Spider-Man will pay for seemingly killing Norman Osborn. This, along with a comedic (yet important) Bruce Campbell cameo earlier in the film, would be the subject of potential post-credits scenes.

As shown in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, Norman Osborn hid his Green Goblin weapons, armor, vehicles, and formula behind a mirror in his Tudor City penthouse apartment. Spider-Man’s first post-credits scene could easily be Harry Osborn walking past the mirror while alone and hearing the Green Goblin’s cackle, making him pause and look at the mirror with confusion. The film also notably has Bruce Campbell’s wrestling announcer give Spider-Man his name, mocking Peter Parker’s first proposed moniker, “The Human Spider.” A humorous second post-credits scene could have had Campbell’s character being interviewed (as other civilians are earlier during a montage), where he claims that, if it wasn’t for his quick thinking, Spider-Man’s name would be too similar to the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch.

Spider-Man 2’s End-Credits Would Tease Venom

Spider-Man 2, similar to its predecessor has little room for MCU easter eggs in its plot, aside from Otto Octavius mentioning his collaboration with Tony Stark on his robotic tentacles, but the movie features an exciting sequel tease in act 3, with Harry Osborn discovering his father’s Green Goblin arsenal after learning Spider-Man’s secret identity. The scene’s placement works best within the film’s main narrative, especially with Harry’s ominous appearance at Mary Jane’s wedding in the next scene. What would make for a perfect post-credits sequel teaser, however, is the arrival of the symbiote from Spider-Man 3.

The scene would show a meteor landing in Central Park and the symbiote oozing out as its final shot. This wouldn’t have too big of an effect on Spider-Man 3, aside from simply omitting the symbiote’s landing but still including it latching onto Peter Parker’s bike. Sam Raimi could have also made his Bruce Campbell cameos become a running gag as Spider-Man 2’s second post-credits scene. Perhaps Tony Stark or another famous MCU hero would trade barbs with Campbell’s unnamed usher, who was ultimately the only person in Raimi’s trilogy to “defeat” Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 3’s After Credits Would Set Up Vulture Or Mysterio

Spider-Man 3, unfortunately, was the end of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, but its unrealized sequels, as well as its hypothetical placement in the MCU, would make its potential post-credits scenes easy to imagine. Raimi planned to have Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture, become Spider-Man 4’s antagonist, but he also included a tease for the Hobgoblin in Norman’s lair via a metallic mask alongside Harry Osborn’s New Goblin gear. Perhaps Roderick Kingsley purchases Norman Osborn’s penthouse apartment and his eventual discovery of Norman’s secret lair is hinted at. If Raimi wanted to hint at Carnage showing up in a sequel, he could also use a post-credits scene to remind viewers that a portion of the Venom symbiote is alive and trapped in Doctor Curt Connors’ laboratory.

If Sam Raimi wanted to hint at his Spider-Man showing up in another MCU film, he could also have the first post-credits scene be a tease for Captain America: Civil War or Avengers: Infinity War, depending on where Spider-Man 3 would be in the MCU timeline. Of course, a third Bruce Campbell scene could also serve as a comedic sequel tease. Raimi planned on having Campbell cameo as Mysterio in Spider-Man 4, so his post-credits scene could show him leaving his job as a maître d’ and donning the iconic fish bowl-like helmet of Mysterio, revealing that he’s the special effects artist-turned criminal Quentin Beck, who Spider-Man defeated years ago during the events of Spider-Man 2, setting up his next Spider-Man cameo.

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