What If The DCEU Started With Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

With a different Batman, the very fabric of the DCEU would be fundamentally different. Christian Bale’s Batman was very different from Ben Affleck’s, so the details of batman vs superman: Dawn of JusticeThe cross story should change. As Bale’s Batman was never presented as technologically gifted as Affleck’s, instead relying on the support of Lucius Fox, Batman’s narrative device capable of physically matching Henry Cavill’s Superman while flying and planting kryptonite weapons would be far less likely. Instead, Fox should have been instrumental in adapting specific gadgets to help Bale’s Caped Crusader defeat the Man of Steel.

The biggest obstacle Bale faces batman vs superman would have to overcome is to reconcile Nolan’s earth tone black knight trilogy against the science fiction nature of Superman. While Nolan’s Batman movies offered a much more realistic take on the superhero genre, it’s hard to imagine an organic way for Bale’s Batman to hold his own against the DCEU’s physically superior Superman. Getting over this would require a significant rewrite of one or both characters, meaning that even if Bale’s Batman had been the Batman of the DCEU, batman vs superman would remain controversial. If Batman could ever get the upper hand he would have been much more of a problem.

The Justice League would have been more interesting with Bale’s Batman

The hypothetical role of Christian Bale in League of Justice would come with similar problems. The Existing Tone of the DCEU Wouldn’t Naturally Match Nolan’s black knight trilogy, to the characterization of its heroes and villains. One of the biggest considerations, though, would be what role Bale’s Batman might play in the team-up movie, and how including him would have forced a rework of his story. Steppenwolf as a villain is, by his very nature, otherworldly and immensely powerful, something the very human hero that is Bale’s Batman would find particularly difficult to pull off. League of Justice. After all, he struggled to physically match the human villain Bane in The dark knight rises and thus would struggle to deal with an intergalactic threat.

Bale’s potential role in Justice w garterIt might still reflect whoever played the version of Ben Affleck, but the limited capacity that Affleck’s Wayne had to accept would necessarily have been exacerbated. And while the land-based approach Nolan took to the character provided physical limitations, Bale’s Batman would still have stepped into a prominent role in a less practical way. It’s more realistic to imagine Bale’s Batman acting as the superhero team’s wealthy benefactor and strategist, working behind the scenes to organize his superpowered countrymen.

The Justice League stays, but “Robin” joins.

having the black knight trilogy serving as the foundation of the DCEU, the heroes of the Justice League would have had to be written differently. However, since Batman’s backstory remains relatively constant, his place among the other heroes wouldn’t be entirely different: he would still be one of the few non-superpowered heroes who fight alongside aliens and gods. Still, Batman might have had to make significant adjustments to establish the character’s place in the DCEU.

The dark knight rises it ends with Christian Bale’s retirement from Batman, and it is heavily implied that his “Robin”, better known as John Blake, would continue to take on the role of the Dark Knight. This means either John Blake would actually be the Batman of the DCEU, or Bale’s Bruce Wayne would return and take on Blake as his sidekick, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Robin in the DCEU. Either way, they would be the most human characters among the superpowered heroes, and Nolan’s more realistic approach to Batman would be necessary for other DCEU heroes to make their dynamic work work.

Nolan’s trilogy would have changed the tone of the DCEU

I had Christopher Nolan black knight The trilogy formed the basis of the DCEU franchise, the very tone of its movies as they were ultimately made would not have worked. batman vs superman It would have continued with relatively minor adjustments thanks to the DCEU’s revised approach to Superman, but more traditional portrayals of other DC heroes would be nearly impossible to reconcile with Bale’s Batman. What did Nolan do? black knight such a successful trilogy was its levity, ditching the traditional aspects of the superhero genre in favor of a more artistic approach to its storytelling.

One of the biggest criticisms of the DCEU was its perceived unnecessary granularity. The most punished, but still serious. black knight the treatment would have helped with that, but he would have had to take some creative liberties with his heroes to maintain consistency with Nolan’s trio of Batman movies. like nolan black knight The trilogy would have formed the basis for the entire franchise, it should have matched the earth tone from the start instead of just injecting darkness into seemingly haphazardly set stories.

Why wasn’t The Dark Knight Trilogy part of the DCEU?

in the end nolan black knight the trilogy was never part of the DCEU. The return of Christian Bale’s Batman would have happened with DC’s alternate plan, but it never happened, and it seems like it’s actually for the best. The most obvious reason comes down to Nolan’s vision for his trilogy of self-contained, story-driven stories that bring more realistic aspects to the idea of ​​modern superheroes. It wasn’t something that would lend itself well to a larger franchise, essentially making the DCEU the polar opposite of Nolan’s artistic approach.

There is also the narrative side of things. In The dark knight risesBale’s Bruce Wayne had officially retired as Batman, handing over to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Robin John Blake. Bringing Bale back would have undermined the end of him, and John Blake’s mockery of Robin wasn’t meant to be Nolan’s basis for continuing to make Batman movies. Have the black knight the trilogy leading up to the DCEU would have been inorganic from a narrative standpoint, and that’s something Nolan would be almost impossible to convince to do regardless.

As a result, the Nolan trilogy never made it into the DCEU, and that’s to the credit of both: the tone of the two separate franchises is markedly different, and forcing them to come together would have felt messy and inconsistent. But while Nolan is the black knight The trilogy wasn’t part of the DCEU, yet it inspired it in many ways, and it’s actually a much better result.

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