What makes Super Mario games so magical? Developers pay tribute to Nintendo’s platform icon

Issue 203 of Retro Gamer celebrates the legendary Super Mario series. We interviewed several industry veterans, including John Romero, Ste Pickford, Chris Sutherland, Derek Yu, and Julian “Jaz” Rignall to find out what makes 2D Mario games so special and the impact the franchise has had. had on them.

Jon Romero reveals how “the incredible control and sheer variety across eight worlds” led id Software to offer a PC port of Super Mario Bros 3 to Nintendo, while Ste Pickford is impressed that Mario “jumps on enemies to kill them.” mechanics, telling us “annoys me when it’s used in other games because it feels like a unique feature of Mario, and one you shouldn’t rip off.”

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Plus, we go behind the scenes of a number of classic games, including Stormlord II, Full Tilt. Pinball and Nosferatu The Vampyre, reveal some of the biggest import games yet to be localized for the west, and find out what Andy Palmer has in store for his third Arcade Club site. There’s so much more to discover, including Lemmings, Ridge Racer, and Strider 2, so don’t miss out!

The Super Mario series is celebrated in the latest issue of Retro Gamer, which is on sale now from all the good newsstands in the UK. Mario fans in the US can subscribe to the digital edition of Retro Gamer for as little as $9 for three issues.

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