Wheel of Time Season 2 Casts Killing Eve Star in Recurring Role

the wheel of timeThe first season of was rough, as any series trying to present a fantasy world to a wide audience would be. Although it is unlikely that this is the the iron throne replacement that Amazon wants it to be, it can still find popularity in its niche as long as it continues to channel the sentiment of the books that were so popular with readers. But with the wheel of time the series is becoming its own beast, fans will have to wait and see if the show can maintain the momentum and intrigue of its first season, which its new cast members can certainly add.

the wheel of time has already set a pattern of hiring more unknown actors to help immerse the world, with star Rosamund Pike being the only big name in its massive ensemble. With the addition of Smart, Judkins and his writers will be able to continue that thesis, giving lesser-known actors the opportunity to add their talents to something as big as The wheel of time. the wheel of time he has the ability to bring out his supporting characters, and I hope Smart is one of those featured characters.

Source: Amazon Studies

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