Where To Find Corrupted Slivers in New World (& What They’re For)

The new World contains a variety of resources to collect, including the coveted Corrupted Splinters. While resources like silver and hemp are easy to find, Corrupted Shards are more difficult to gather. Corrupted Shards are earned by completing Major Corrupted Breach and looting Major Breach caches. This is the only method players can use to farm Corrupted Shards.

Corrupted Shards are used to craft items at the stonecutting table. Players can combine Corrupted Shards with other resources to create various Attunement Orbs. Tuning Orbs are used to unlock new expeditions. Players will need to find Corrupted Fragments at some point during their play time in The new World.

Players must first complete a Corrupted Major Breach to collect Corrupted Shards. Major Corrupted Breaches appear every hour and are visible on the player’s map. It is recommended that players take on a Corrupted Major Offense in a group of five players, as it is much more difficult than a Corrupted Minor Offense. using The new WorldWith the right weapons and class build, players will have no problem dealing with a major Corrupted Breach.

How to Farm Corrupted Shards in the New World

The only way to get Corrupted Shards The new World is by closing the Major Corrupted Breach portals. These portals can only be sealed using the Azoth Staff during a breach event. Corrupted Acolytes continue to spawn and attack players until the Major Corrupted Breach ends with the staff. Once players have closed the portal, they will have access to Major Breach Caches which sometimes contain rare loot. It is recommended that players complete these random PvE world events with a small team of 4-5 players who are at least level 20 and have Azoth level 1 staff to gain access. The new Worldworld events.

Corrupted shards are not found in all major breach caches, they can only be found in those specific caches. Minor Corrupted Violation caches do not contain Corrupted Shards. Minor Corrupted Violations can be easily fixed, but since Major Corrupted Violations have a higher difficulty, it’s a good idea to tackle them with friends. The recommended party size for a Corrupted Major Breach is five players, which gives you an idea of ​​how difficult these breaches are.

How to use corrupted silver coins in the New World

Once The new World players have collected corrupted shards, there are some things to use them. The stone cutting table allows players to create new resources and items with corrupted shards. Usually the end result of using Corrupted Shards is a Tuning Orb. Tuning Orbs grants access to new expeditions that players can take part in. Corrupted Shards can also be combined to create Corrupted Shards, which can then be combined to create Corrupted Shards. Corrupted Shards and Shards are used to unlock high level attunement orbs and other expeditions. Ultimately, players can use Corrupted Shards however they like on the stonecutting table, though that doesn’t help make for one of the best weapons in the game. The new World.

How to Craft Amrine’s Tuning Orb in the New World

Whenever New World players go on Expeditions, Amrine’s Orb of Attunement will be used to close Major Corrupted Breach portals. Because of this, players will need a new Amrine Tuning Orb every time they want to farm Corrupted Shards in The new World. To craft an Amrine Tuner Orb, players will need the following items:

  • an iron chisel
  • 50 stone blocks
  • 10 corrupted splinter
  • an eternal heart

Once players have gathered all the resources, they can craft Amrine’s Tuning Orb at a level 3 stone carving table. However, players will need to be at least level 25 in stone cutting to successfully craft. an Amrine attunement orb.

The new World is available on PC.

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