Who Genshin Impact’s Tallest Character Is

Of the Genshin Impact characters that use the same “tall male” character model, Arataki Itto is the only one wearing shoes that give him additional height. There are seven characters currently using this model, with estimated heights ranging from 186.8 – 193.4cm. Presumably, all of these characters would be the exact same height without their accessories, due to their shared character model. Of the game’s female playable characters, Kujou Sara is the tallest, with an estimated height of 178.1cm. Genshin Impact’s Kujou Sara uses the “tall female” character model, which is used by ten different characters, with heights ranging from 172.5 – 178.1cm.

Genshin Impact uses a limited number of character models for its playable characters, explaining why so many of its characters are similar in height. Based on each character’s in-game height, Arataki Itto is currently the tallest character in Genshin Impact. This could change in the future as Genshin Impact is continuously rolling out updates and introducing new characters, with the game’s first Dendro characters expected to arrive soon alongside the release of Sumeru, Teyvat’s Dendro region. Additionally, a new, taller character model could be added in the future that usurps all of the characters that use the current one, including Genshin Impact‘s Arataki Itto.

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