Why 1,000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy Slaton & Michael Are Problematic

Michael has also been arrested for Assault Fourth Degree and Domestic Violence with Minor Injury. The incident came after an altercation with his grandmother. 1000-lb Sisters viewers are concerned that something more sinister might happen in the future. For the most part, Michael comes across as quiet. In fact, he hardly says a word when the cameras are rolling. However, there may come a time when Michael loses his cool.

Even though the 1000-lb Sisters couple comes across as living in marital bliss, fans are not totally convinced that they don’t have their own problems. Season 4 has yet to be announced, but Amy is already talking about taking a break from the show in order to raise her children. While fans can’t exactly put their fingers on what is going with the couple, many hope that they don’t turn into a major problem for TLC.

Source: u/D3imosNexus/Reddit

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