Why Sasha Banks & Naomi Situations In WWE Won’t Be Getting Better Soon

The women’s tag team division isn’t in the greatest of spots—which was a source of frustration for Banks and Naomi—so it’ll be interesting to see how the tournament plays outAhead of the May 23rd edition of the show, the red brand only features two established women’s tag teams: the combination of Doudrop and Nikki ASH and then Shayna Baszler with Natalya. The former has been teasing a split for a few weeks now, while the latter hasn’t exactly been built up as a legitimate threat to win the tag-team titles. SmackDown is short on tag teams now that the Boss and Glow are suspended.

WWE wasn’t in control of Banks and Naomi walking out, but they are responsible for the state of the division in general. Losing their top team has exposed some glaring issues, and there isn’t exactly a lot of time to build credible teams ahead of the tournament to determine new winners. The Raw women’s roster is stacked with singles stars. WWE could shoehorn a few of these performers into tag teams as a way to set up one-on-one feuds down the road. Still, it’s difficult to see a way for the company to comfortably piece together, say, an eight-team tournament without taking too much attention away from its singles feuds.

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