Why The Rock vs Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 39 Is A Real Possibility

As for how WWE could make this work in storyline, it more or less writes itself. The Tribal Cheif could enter WrestleMania 39 with a championship reign lasting for over 900 days, as he’s already over 600 with the Universal Championship. Even if creative figures out a way to get the WWE Championship off of him sometime shortly, there’s no denying that Reigns is the biggest attraction in the company. It’s him sitting atop the card as a legitimate, larger-than-life superstar, and then everyone else. Not even Brock Lesnar feels like as much of a threat after he lost at WrestleMania 38.

That’s why a match with The Rock would make so much sense and could provide some insight into why WWE is going so out of its way to make Reigns feel like such a big deal. He’s been picking up wins and pins that he doesn’t necessarily need, and it seems unlikely that programs with Riddle, Randy Orton, or Drew McIntyre will slow Reigns down at all. If there’s no Rock vs. Reigns match, maybe the former Sheild member can afford to eat a pin every now and again. With that bout seemingly on the far horizon for WWE, however, keeping Reigns as strong as possible to square off with one of Hollywood’s biggest box office attractions is totally understandable.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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