Withings’ New ScanWatch Horizon Fuses Luxury With Fitness Tech

Withings’ new hybrid device will be available on May 17

Electronics company Withings has unveiled its new hybrid smart device that combines the look of a luxury dive watch with health monitoring technology.

The ScanWatch Horizon shares many of the same features as other fitness bands, including an ECG, sleep tracking score, and smart notifications displayed on the watch face. What is different, however, is that its design allows for unique features like the bezel that acts as a heart monitor.


The bezel is the ring that surrounds the watch face, and on the Horizon smartwatch it comes with sensors that can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels. You can do the latter with a PPG meter that emits red and infrared light on your wrist, and you can check your readings on the watch face or through the Health Mate companion app.

Man checking heart rate on app


The app can also provide information on sleep quality and exercise habits when used in combination with the watch’s different modes (running mode, navigation mode, etc.), which are accessed by turning the crown. And being a dive watch, the ScanWatch can survive up to 100m (around 330ft) underwater.

The ScanWatch Horizon will be available for purchase on May 17 in two colors: green or blue. You can buy it from the official Withings website on launch day or at Best Buy, starting at $499.95.

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